GO!FEST is a DIY grindcore/power violence festival in Rome, Italy. Since 2011, it brings some of the fastest and most extreme bands from all over the world in the Eternal City. Next edition will be on September 21st 2019. Prepare yourself for an uncompromising sonic assault



Directly from Sweden, a band that shouldn't need any presentation. One of the biggest acts in scandinavian hardcore, well known for some great records such as Crime & Punishment and the ep Crucified By The System. Born in the 80's they're back after several years of hiatus. The last time in Rome was in 2006, after 13 years they're back to destroy Rome for the next GO!FEST

Avskum - Crucified By The System


Along with Avskum, the second swedish band in the festival's line up, another scandinavian hardcore legend with Riistetyt last year. Born in 1982, they were one of the very first band to introduce very fast parts in their music, pretty close to grindcore. After having recorded a new great album, Dod At Kapitalismen and played at Obscene Extreme 2018, they're ready to play at Spartaco for the next September 21st!

Asocial - Demo 1982


The Israeli band shouldn't need any presentation. Those who attended the 2016 edition surely remember their great performance at Spartaco, with their furious hardcore with power violence influences. Since then they made other great steps, they played at Obscene Extreme and Fluff and they recorded a great EP, Third, released in 2018. We're proud to bring them again in Rome for the next September 21st!

Moom live @ Obscene Extreme 2017


After having called many bands from England, we couldn't bring you another very cool one. Horsebastard are probably one of the best new schizoid and fast grindcore bands. Theis name has already appeared in many festivals like Obscene Extreme (as the picture could suggest), Bloodshed, Dreadfest, Chimpyfest and Break The Chains. They've released a demo, an ep and 4 split eps (with Rageous Intent, Retortion Terror, Noisebazooka and our dear friends Ape Unit). It's a big pleasure to bring them here in Rome for the next GO!FEST

Horsebastard live @ Obscene Extreme 2013


From Rotterdam, one of the most interesting bands in European fastcore. Born in 2011 as an hardcore band influenced by classic american bands like Void, Siege and Hated Youth, they started to add some grindcore influences in their sound. After one ep, 2 splits eps (with Reign of War and Travølta) and two full length albums (Bruja and We Need More Hardcore) they played in some of the most important festivals like Obscene Extreme, Dreadfest and Bloodshed. We're happy to bring them in Rome for the next GO!FEST

GFR live @ Bloodshed Fest 2017


Simply the best and oldest italian powerviolence band. Active from 2005, through may records and tours they defined a unique sound, thanks to the use of 2 basses and no guitars, growing until the new lp Desecrating which is one of the best records of pv/grindcore made in Europe. They also made a lot of good 7" splits with killer bands (Agathocles, Violent Headache, Terror of Dynamite Attack, Isolamento and SMG among others). They also performed in a lot of great fesivals like Obscene Extreme, Play Fast or Don't and Grind The Nazi Scum.Their show at Go! Fest will be a coming back but also their first time with the new lineup, so you have one more reason to be here on the 21st of September!

Repulsione - Desecrating


Not to be confused with the australian grinders, Coffin Birth is a supergroup born last year with members of other famous ones like Beheaded, Beheaded, Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Buffalo Grillz and Failure. They play an old school death metal very influenced by the Swedish gods. Be prepared for an high dose of HM2 like there's no tomorrow. Their album The Serpent Insignia is one of the most interesting releases in the genre of the last year. We're more than happy to bring them in Rome for the next GO!FEST

Coffin Birth - The 13th Apostle


As it was for Repulsione, here's another power violence band with no guitars, only bass, hate and distortion. Hailing from Padova, Double Me are very important for the genre in Italy. Their members have played in other local bands like Antisexy, Fuser and Eat You Alive. They released a very good LP, Destroyed In A Second, and a 4 way split with Lugubrious Children, Igioia and xThroatx. They've just played in our festival in 2014 and they're ready to come back and make some mess in Rome for the next September 21st

Double Me - Destroyed In A Second


Their name is not new to those who follow the Italian underground. They're one of the most interesting bands from the Milano area, along with other cool acts such as Suicidy By Cop and xHanSolo (both of them played killer gigs at our festival).In the beginning they played a raw hardcore punk and now their sound evolved in a dirty fastcore. Thanks to a very good demo and a split with ArnoxDuebel their name could cross the borders, with some very good dates in Europe. We're happy to bring them in Rome for the next GO!FEST

The Seeker - Demo 2019


A new and unusual band for our festival but we're sure they're going to catch you attenction. Thecodontion are named after a kind of dinosaur, their lyrics are all about dinosaurs and their music reflect this topic thanks to two distorted basses and no guitars at all. They will show you how dinosaurs can be fast!

Thecodontion - Jurassic


A new band. Hailing from Viterbo, their fastcore/hc reminds bands like early Negazione, Indigesti, Larm and all that fast and primordial 80s stuff that it's not easy to label. They've already released a very good demo that many people in the scene liked very much. We're happy to bring them at Spartaco for the next September 21st!

Ira - Demo 2009


Another cool new band, with members of other roman bands like Shred, xKatexMoshx, Vermenara, Movement and Tsubo, these five guys are playing a raw and aggressive d-beat. They've just released a really cool rehersal demo. if you like Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Kaaos and Mob 47 be sure to don't miss them at the next GO!FEST

Dromspell - Rehersal Session '19


As it was for Dromspell, here's another band made by members of other ones like Dogfight, Terror Firmer, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Pornoise and Sudden Death. You probably guessed the genre: old school grindcore inspired by Rot, early Napalm Death, Agathocles and Unholy Grave. In these days they're about to record their first 20 songs that will be included in a few split. Those who came to the show with Endless Swarm and Nothing Clean here in Rome already know how to expect from them, the other should not miss them at the next GO!FEST

Here's the list of the bands that have played in the past editions, in alphabetical order

Airlines Of Terror, Always Never Fun, Amphist, Anti You, Ape Unit, Brossa, Buffalo Grillz, CxIxB, Chiens, Coloss, Controlled Existence, Corrosive, Corrupt Moral Altar, Crippled Fox, Crop Circles, Corpse, xDELOREANx, Dilution, Disforia, Double Me, Dr. Gore, Extreme Smoke 57, Extreme Vandamme Terror, Famine, Grumo, xHANSOLOx, Hobos, Injury Broadcast, xInquisitionx, Jesus Ain't In Poland, xKATExMOSHx, Lexicon Devils, L.UL.U, Lugubrious Children, Lurking Terror, M.C.P., Mangiabanane, Maxcarnage, MooM, Necro Blaster, Neid, Niet!, Nofu, Ona Snop, Oss!, Rabid Dogs, Reaction To Ruin, Reproach, Repulsione, Restos Humanos, Riistetyt, Sanitys Dawn, Scheletro, Sect Mark, Shred, Sick/Tired, Sposa In Alto Mare, Stanley_Ipkiss, Stasis, Suicide By Cop, Terror Firmer, Taste The Floor, Tibia, Tsubo, Verano's Dogs, Warfuck, Whoresnation, xcenerex, yButteroy


The festival takes place in the CSA Spartaco. It's a squat occupied since more than 10 years and it's a symbol of resistance in the south-eastern area of Rome. You can reach the place with metro A Numidio Quadrato

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